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Step Up Your Fitness Game This Year

By :Caroline Castille 0 comments
Step Up Your Fitness Game This Year

Welcome the new year by allowing your fiercest self to show up.

Each new year brings motivation to break free from all the bad habits you’ve been struggling with and start building better ones instead. At bSteps, we’re all about setting ourselves up for success.

Every fitness journey is unique, but having a supportive fitness community will allow you to find a sense of belonging. We want to remind you of something essential: we're all in this together, and we’ve got your back. Let us help you by giving you a sense of direction for accomplishing your fitness dreams! 

Set your goals, choose a plan, and stick to it.

When setting up your goals, they have to have the right purpose behind them. Try not to focus on “losing weight, looking better, impressing someone else, etc” and change this mindset to something more like “becoming my strongest self, improving the quality of my life, pushing my body to its limit, improving my physical and mental health.” This is extremely important because you’re not trying to achieve your fitness goals based on external validation. Instead, knowing you are doing it for yourself through internal drives will make you feel happier. 

Be S.M.A.R.T.

If you want to set yourself up for success to actually achieve your goals, you have to make sure your goals are SMART.


If your goal is to be healthier, take the time to sit down and understand what that specifically means for you. Does it mean cutting out fast food? Going to the gym twice a week? Following a specific diet? Specifically define what being healthier means to you.


Don’t just say you want to exercise more often. Decide exactly how many times a week you want to make it to the gym.


Be realistic. If your dream is to become an Olympic gymnast and you’re just starting out, then it’s best to start by learning how to do a cartwheel. That’s the first step, and should be the first in a series of short-term, realistic goals.


Your current goals should align with your long-term vision for your life.


Set realistic deadlines (and stick to them).

Make it fun.

When choosing a path for your fitness goals, remember to choose something you actually enjoy doing. You’re a lot more likely to stick with a new habit when it’s enjoyable to do. If you’re interested in salsa dancing but you’re afraid you’re not good enough to do it…I’m sorry to tell you, but that’s just an excuse! You don’t have to be the best at something to enjoy it. Simply taking salsa lessons for fun will allow you meet your fitness goals and have a blast in the process. Besides, the more you practice, the better you’ll get (and the more you’ll enjoy it).

Get comfortable.

Being comfortable while going after your goals is crucial to sticking with it and performing at your highest potential. If your goals involve dancing, you need shoes that inspire movement.

High-Performance Dance Shoes


Whether your fitness goals mean dancing or now, start your year looking your best while working out with our apparel picks. Feeling confident, comfortable, and fashionable is a nice boost of motivation to get active.

You can find jaw-dropping activewear combinations in our collections:

  • Heavenly Moves Collection: This divine collection is made up of apparel with light and blue tones, reflecting the most peaceful, confident, and balanced version of yourself....


Soft, stretchy in the right places, and on-trend, these Cosmic leggings are the perfect blend of comfort and style.


The Heavenly Zip-Front Cropped Sports Jacket is our favorite piece in this collection–and for good reason. Soft, stretchy, and tailored to perfection, this jacket was born to be in the spotlight (just like you)!  


The best athletic wear doesn’t just fit in at the gym–it can smoothly go from studio to street and from day to night. We love stylish workout clothes that you can actually wear all day long–and the Utopia Criss Cross Knit Halter Top definitely fits the bill.

 Check out the entire Heavenly Collection...



Our Forest sweats are perfect for those days you’re going for that off-duty model look.  Perfect for whatever the day brings–whether you’re lounging around at home or always on the go. 


The chic Mock Crop is made to be versatile. This stunning mock neck crop top pairs well with just about everything.


Our Cutting Edge bra is a long body sports bra with a square neckline and tank top straps that you can wear on a daily basis.

Check out the entire Green Screen Collection...


Small changes in our habits can guide our life to very different destinations. This is powerful knowledge because once you take a step toward the person you want to be, you’ll be unstoppable. 

Making progress in the right direction is what you need, and patience is necessary. Good things take time and the results of your hard work won’t show up immediately. This is something you have to be aware of every time you feel like giving up. 

Focus on improving just 1% every day. If you keep taking one baby step every day, someday (sooner than you think) that persistence will add up and pay off.

Stay consistent... Being disciplined is the strongest form of self-love. You’re building in the present what you desire to become in the future.


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