Our founder got engaged!

Our founder got engaged!

And she was wearing all bSteps

Hey bSteps fam, we’ve got some exciting news for you!

Caroline Castille, the incredible mind behind bSteps, took a trip to Tulum for her birthday the last week of November. She traveled with her boyfriend Mike and some friends, and what she expected to be a birthday trip ended up becoming an engagement trip!

Caroline and Mike are all about growth. They are constantly growing together in many aspects of life. Together they’ve grown on personal and professional levels. Every day they take on new challenges, taking risks and turning their dreams into reality.

In a growing relationship, a couple strives to encourage each other. They shoulder new challenges together as a team and push each other to keep shooting for the moon. When one has an idea, the other helps the idea take shape until they can put a plan in action and take the next step. It is this collaborative spirit and supportive atmosphere that strengthens the relationship.

Caroline had no idea what Mike was planning when the couple left for Tulum. It wasn’t until they were watching the sunset on the Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya hotel patio with a gorgeous sunset that Mike said, “Let’s have some champagne.” They had plans to meet their friends soon, (and Caroline was in the middle of eating an apple) so she wasn’t sure that this was the best time for champagne. Still, Mike insisted until they were each holding a glass of champagne (and a half-eaten apple in Caroline’s case). They chatted about their relationship as they sipped. About how much they love each other, how their lives would never be the same without the other, and how they’re grateful for everything they have together–from business to friendships to family. 

Caroline went on that Mike was the best birthday gift of all when he pulled the ring out of his pocket. Mike said a few sweet things to Caroline. Then he got down on one knee.

“So I have a gift for you,” he said. “I love you very much. Will you marry me?”


Caroline’s apple hit the ground. He slid the ring on. And of course, she said yes!


Love is flowing all around our bSteps founder, and around us as part of the team. We’re so excited now to make you part of the celebration. Be ready for our next breathtaking apparel collection because we want to share some serious LOVE with you.