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Rebel is back on Pre-Order

By :Caroline Castille 0 comments
Rebel is back on Pre-Order


Hey bSteps fam,


We got you. Our best-selling dance shoes are back, and now available for Pre-Order.

We dancers deserve to feel the most comfortable while doing what we love. Padded insoles, surprisingly flexible outsole, arch support, and perfect traction for turns, slides, and spins are some of the features that make this model stand out. bSteps takes care of your body while making your movements look effortless. We want to give you some space to do smooth gliding, but at the same time give you the grip you need. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to get our very unique design. It’s super easy to match and to style it with creativity. Remember, your style enhances your moves. 

When you feel good, you dance good. 

Try it for yourself and click here to preorder now.


P.S. Some sizes (like size 10 and 11) are still in stock. If you order now and the product is still in stock, expect shipping times 5-18 days. 


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