Our Mission
We believe dance is one of the truest expressions of people and it should also feel that way; painless, limitless, and unique. Our shoe designs encompass an exclusive blend of comfort, style, and practicality while empowering individuals to embrace diversity.
Our Approach
We have developed an innovative outsole that incorporates all the desired elements of dance shoes into a hybrid flat design carefully engineered to comfortable, outdoor/indoor, and fashionable, all the while remaining a true, high quality dance shoe.
All bSteps dance shoes incorporate the company’s original insole and outsole designs aimed to reduce the adverse effects associated with high-heeled shoes. The insole was thoroughly crafted to incorporate forefoot, arch, and heel support. Likewise, the outsole was carefully structured to enable flexibility for pointing of the foot, enhance flow of movement, and allow outdoor wear. bSteps designs put an end to the inconvenience faced by dancers of having to carry their dance shoes everywhere they go, by incorporating a versatile sole that supports indoor and outdoor wear. Lastly, our collection encompasses a wide variety of stylish designs through which dancers can stand out in the dance floor while expressing their unique personalities and styles of dance.
Our Story
Two young and ambitious women, Odie and Caroline, met at the University of Central Florida while attending Latin Rhythm; a student organization that offers casino style salsa instruction. While their passion for dance brought them close together, one thing set them apart: Odie had a keen sense of style but lacked comfort and Caroline always put comfort first, sacrificing style. After many nights of social dancing and dance Congresses they learned Odie wasn’t the only one struggling to stay on her feet after hours of dancing in heels; consequently, they set out to change the high heel status quo for social and technical dancing. By combining their individual styles Odie and Caroline created an innovative alternative to heels: a hybrid flat dance shoe design trademarked as bSteps. All bSteps designs feature arch support, flexible inserts on the sides to enable points, and the bSteps original patent pending sole which helps maximize flexibility and movement. In an effort to put an end to the inconvenience of having to carry their dance shoes everywhere dancers go, our designs incorporate a versatile sole that facilitates both indoor and outdoor wear. Lastly, bSteps offers a wide selection of styles carefully designed to accommodate dancers’ unique personalities.
Our Philosophy
bSteps dance shoes were made by dancers, for dancers. We put our passion into every design and everything we do at bSteps. This company is a labor of love for us. We hope you enjoy our shoes as much as we do.
Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world
-Marilyn Monroe

The bSteps Online Shopping Experience

bSteps Dancewear was created to REVOLUTIONIZE online shopping. To create an out-of-this world, social and memorable shopping experience.

What are the needs of our consumers? How do they (YOU) perceive the collection? Every bit of feedback received challenges us to explore solutions to issues encountered during the entire shopping experience (pre-during-post) and to delight them by truly understanding their motivations for purchasing.

In keeping the balance between triggering the senses of the individual and encouraging social interaction, bSteps Dancewear works with its consumers to co-create a shopping experience to remember. 

bSteps Dancewear is not about TIMELESSNESS; IT'S ABOUT TIMELINESS. The latest and the greatest, better yet, it carries the pieces you want to wear right now. Not what you to wear a week from now. 

Possessing a vibrant kinetic energy while maintaining a well-appointed aesthetic, we source our pieces from designers across the globe to create the must-have Lux-Leisure collection where lines, colors, textures, shapes and motion interact. 

A collection that revolves around the themes of beauty, femininity, and strength. We believe in sharing your story through your style. Everyday is the beginning of a new chapter. bSteps keeps your style narrative fresh.

From the cityscape to the landscape, to the snowscape and beachscape, the bSteps collection is as versatile as the women who wear it.