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We believe in a 24/7 always on client service experience 8am to 10pm Eastern time, seven days a week the key words being "always on"- for you - and to do that, our experienced client services team need their beauty sleep. Oops, we just let the leggings out of the shopping bag. 

Studies show that the average person needs eight hours of sleep a day but we give bSteps client service team 10 hours. Why 10? Because the bSteps client services item are:

  1. Above average 
  2. The face and voice of the bSteps brand, we know what we're like when we don't get 10 hours of sleep, Enough said.
  3. Can and will go above and beyond to meet your needs because they know the products. Our client services team don't count sheep to fall asleep, they count new arrivals.
  4. Always quick to help (not quick to change the subject) and focus on solving the problem (instead of denying it exists), lack of sleep can affect your reaction time and your problem solving skills .
  5. Always on and understand what that means. You can reach them on your favorite app, email or sms. You pick it. They're on it